2014 Hinton Participatory Budgeting!


Community Event Tents


Our Idea


We are championing the idea of purchasing 10 - 10 X 20 canvas event tents (with sides), and 10 - 10 X 10 pop up event tents (with sides) for community non profit use. These tents would be a community asset and are currently not available in the West Yellowhead. We foresee renting out the event tents to local non profits for a deposit and a small fee. The fee would be used to cover future tent replacement costs.


What will it cost?


Originally we had submitted a proposal for $50,000.00 of the Participatory Budgeting money. Through ongoing discussions we have been able to secure the tents, including accessories for $20,000.00. With an estimate on storage for these tents, as well as sending a representative to Edmonton for a half day seminar on tent set up and maintenance, we expect that an additional $5,000.00 will be needed.


Our new ask for the participatory budgeting money is now reduced to $25,000.00.


Who will this benefit?


Based on the 2014 Hinton Community Directory there are around 200 active non profits and agencies in the Town of Hinton. Each of these non profit groups generate their revenue through fundraising events and membership dues. The uncertainty of weather conditions mean that a number of outdoor fundraisers and community events either risk being postponed or cancelled, or force non profits to acquire the necessary tents. Most non profits do not have the financial resources required to rent and deliver event tents from major markets like Edmonton. By having these tents available locally the money that would potentially be leaving our town will be diminished and instead recycled back into our own economy. Groups would have the flexibility to run fundraiser events at a lower cost, thus retaining funds to invest in our community.


Community Rental Pricing Structure


All tents would be available for use by local non profits for a deposit and small fee. The deposit would be used to recoup costs of replacement should the tent become damaged, and the fee would be collected for future replacement costs. Upon receiving the participatory budgeting money, the Föhn Society will be consulting with local non profits to set an affordable rental rate.


What is the life expectancy of these tents?


The supplier states the life expectancy of the tents at approximately 10 years, depending on usage. The Fohn Society will be sending a representative to Edmonton to participate in a half day course on tent maintenance and set up to ensure that the tents are properly maintained and last the maximum amount of time.


But what about storage?


Currently the Fohn Society is in discussions with the Hinton Rotary Club regarding storage options for the proposed tents. The ParticipatoryBudgeting ask includes $5,000.00 (out of the total $25,000.00 ask) to assist with storage of the event tents over the 10-year life cycle. As a committee we will work to support other non profits and look at available shared storage options. Our intent is to support the groups that are supporting our community.


Why the Föhn Society?


For the past eight years the Föhn Festival has been renting tents from Special Event Rentals in Edmonton for use by its food and cultural vendors. Each year the rental cost is between $12,000 - $20,000 for one to two days of usage. This money - an estimated $128,000.00 over the span of eight years - has left our community for good. This money could have stayed in the pockets of non-porfits like the Föhn Society to increase the quality of life for residents, and been reinvested in the local economy. It could have gone to local retailers for regionally sourced goods and services. That is the model that the Föhn Society is working towards.


The Föhn Society recognizes that in order to be a sustainable, free community event it needs to lower it's expenses. At this point, the rental tents are the Föhn Society’s single biggest annual expense. By purchasing these tents, not only will this allow Hinton's Signature Event to become a sustainable endeavour, but it will also benefit all local non profits and keep more money in our community.


Community Responsibility


Community is the most important thing to our overall quality of life. Our community is where we all live, it's where our children will hopefully live, it's where our daily interactions define our lives. But community is not about geography, community is something that we all help to shape and define in the way we live. Our community is shaped by the experiences we share together, by having these event tents locally we ensure the viability of many local events that otherwise struggle to be sustainable.


Hope to see you out to vote on September 29th from 5-7 pm or on November 1st from 10-noon at the Hinton Library! For more information on the proposal please contact us through the website.